Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cliff Quackenbush

Name: Cliff Quakenbush
Description: decribed as having a "tough, bantam body", mature, very disliked, treats others lowly
Age: 17
Job: Student at Devon, manager of crew team
Relationships: no one likes him, Gene especially

Symbolism: Cliff Quackenbush is the bully to Gene and actually brings gene to the level of punching him. Cliff is like the muscle headed person that just keeps the war going to show himself off. I chose Arnold Schwarzenegger as a good picture to resemble this symbol.

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Character analysis: Cliff Quackenbush is a very bully-like person at Devon. The fact theat no one likes him adds to that thought. "... and to me there only came a disliked edge of Quackenbush's reputation." (Knowles 76) Quackenbush also treated people with disrespect and almost like they were lower than himself. "I didn't want to add to his humiliations; I even sympathized with his... egotism..." (Knowles 78)

Character-Theme-Tie-In: Quackenbush is shown in the book almost as what Gene could almost be if he keeps acting the way he does pushing people out of trees. He could become an animal like Cliff; a hot-tempered, testosterone-driven man who is disliked by his peers.

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